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VASER Hi Def is a liposculpture technique developed by Dr Alfredo Hoyos from Colombia, which allows Doctors trained in this procedure to sculpt the body to the desired athletic shapes, such as the 6 pack abdomen in men that gives the athletic look and the sexy hour glass shape in women. It had it's own drawbacks in that in some people it was obvious that body sculpting had been performed. Hi Def body sculpture evolved into 4D sculpt which is the ultimate in body shaping. It incorporates the 4th dimension of dynamic motion of muscles into the 3D body sculpture of Hi Def technique. It gives a more natural athletic appearance.

'Training in both Hi Def and then in 4D VASER has changed my outlook of body sculpting science of which art is a big part. I enjoy the challenge of achieving a healthy look which is desired by most people'. Dr Nurein appreciates the enthusiasm of the founder of these techniques which has inevitably improved his results.

What is VASER 4D - Hi Def

The art of artistic body sculpting was perfected by world famous body sculptor Dr Alfredo Hoyos from Columbia. Dr Nurein spent some time learning this technique under Dr Hoyos in Columbia. He performed these procedures with Dr Hoyos perfecting the art of liposculpture. Hi def liposculpture is an advanced body sculpting surgical procedure that uses the highest skills in VASER liposuction/liposelection, combining art and medicine to achieve an athletic appearance of the body. VASER itself is a state of the art high end minimal surgery technology. Hi Def™ is done by removing small amounts of fat around the muscles to effectively enhance the appearance of musculature. This is available to those who want to show more of athletic appearance that they cannot easily achieve by exercising, but can do so by this procedure. Hi Def™ can be done at stages by Dr Nurein meaning you can choose which areas to treat first depending on your budget but all this can be agreed upon once your suitability for the procedure is established. There is also the option of doing the full body Hi Def™ which is ideally done under sedation with the presence of an anaesthetist.

This is suitable for both men and women but may not be right for those with severe muscle and skin laxity. A suitable option for those not keen to have the full Hi Def™ procedure can be what is also described as the Mid Def procedure. This means the sculpting of regions of the body to a point more than conventional VASER but less than the full Hi Def™ to give a healthy athletic look that is beautiful and more appealing to the eye.

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