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Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer to Breast (Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer)

This is the transfer of fat in the same patient from the body to the breasts. It is now more commonly used in the hospitals for breast reconstruction following cancer. Some women do not want to have a foreign body such as silicone implants to increase the size as this has many associated problems (such as capsular formation, migration and rippling) and also sometimes do not feel or look natural.

For women after birth, breastfeeding or loss of weight their breasts also lose volume and therefore fat transfer is a natural solution. However this treatment has its limitations. The usual aim is to increase by one cup size or to increase the volume of the upper part of the breasts. Women with larger breasts, hanging breasts or with a family history of breast cancer are generally not suitable for this treatment.

For those who are suitable, they must have ultrasound and mammograms before the treatment and then have annual checks for a few years because the problem of associated changes that can mimic breast cancer on mammogram. This can be differentiated by experienced radiologists.

Advantages of fat transfer to breasts are:

- Safe alternative to implants
- Fat is removed from unwanted areas such as abdomen, thighs or back
- Ideal breast augmentation as patient own tissue is used
- Natural looking results with a soft feel to the breasts
- Very tiny scars, mostly invisible
- Procedure is under local anaesthesia so safer than general anaesthesia
- Improve techniques in this procedure in the last few years

The disadvantages of this procedure

- Patients may not have enough fat to transfer
- They can only increase by one cup size
- They must have regular annual mammograms after the procedure
- Usually slightly more expensive than breast implant procedure (Fat transfer is two procedures)

Disclaimer: This information is to give useful idea about the procedure but should not replace a proper and full consultation with a qualified practitioner performing these procedures.

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